CSSA Newsletter Issue 10

【Event】CAREER PRO USA (CPU) Launch Party and July Events

【Event】CAREER PRO USA (CPU) Lanuch Party & July Events

To kick off Career Pro USA (CPU) operations in NYC, we invite you to attend our very own networking event. Join CPU and many Asian professionals on July 13th to enjoy a lovely night at NYC’s modern Swedish cafe – Kaffe 1668. Now is your chance to connect with entrepreneurs, professionals, start-up enthusiasts, and a wide variety of individuals from many different industries.

Here at CPU, we have built an online community to create networking opportunities for Chinese professionals, entrepreneurs, and their counterparts in the United States. Welcome to the CPU club and grab some friends together for a night of mingling!

Location: TBA
Time:July 13, 2013 from 6:00pm to 9:00pm (PDT)
Note: Fee will be charged (register here). However, the first five people to registerthrough the CSSA platform will be granted the chance to enter free. Please email your personal information to hl737@cornell.edu to save a spot.

*For more free July events, please click here to browse

四月初,新东方GRE写作名师,曾任新东方教育科技集团前途出国咨询公司总裁助理,留留学网创始人,现为创新伙伴教育科技(smartpigai.com smartstudy.com) CEO的小宝老师(韦晓亮)给我们带来了一场非常精彩的讲座——如何考虑你的“学业、职业、事业”。他不仅乐于分享他的经验,同时也给同学们积极拓宽人脉,以下是他最近提供的内部招聘信息:
  • 互联网产品经理及用户体验设计师
  • 交互设计工程师
  • ANDROID研发工程师
  • IOS研发工程师
  •  数据挖掘工程师
  • AS研发工程师
  • PHP研发工程师
  • 教育咨询COACH
  • 海外校园大使
  • 小宝老师学生群:190483139
  • Tel:13716832564
  • 微信: wxlwill
  • QQ: 929898166
  • E-mail: wxlist@gmail.com
  • 微博: @韦晓亮
*错过上次讲座内容的同学可以浏览 PPT 或者观看讲座视频 (密码: fangwen)